In the beginning

There was God
And His creation, Man.
As the leaves brown and fall
So did God age and ail
And the world He made
Became remote from Him
So Man forgot his Creator.

“All things are created”
Man remembered this lesson,
Echoing from the hazy past,
But he forgot
Who had created Man?
Who had created God?

He searched far and wide
Over mountains and forests
And deep into the sea.
Everywhere were hallmarks,
The faint signatures of creation,
But nowhere the Creator.

Man despaired.
He had seen much,
Learned much,
Discovered much,
But nowhere the Creator.

Man grew tired of mystery.
At last he decided:
“Man created God”
Man was the creator.

There was Man
And his creation, Machine.
But autumn came
And cold winter followed
And the world he made
Became remote from him.