What is errantry?

Ode to things lost
Gone are the knights and their noble steeds,
Gone too the distressed damsels in need,
Mapped are the deserts and jungles,
And conquered the solemn mountains
That once stood as altars to our ancient gods.
Ended is the age of heroes, the age of discovery
And soon, the age of man.

Forgotten are our rituals
And dulled are our senses
We do not hear the song of the wind
Or the poem of the tides
Or the forests beckoning with soft rustling leaves;
Perhaps we no longer can.

Errantry and the search for meaning
What is errantry? It is wandering, roving, in search of chivalrous adventure. It is the search for meaning in a world that has lost its way. It is recognising that man was not born for sybaritic stillness, to merely consume, but to discover, create and challenge.