Practical virtue ethics

The last stage of the labouring society, the society of job holders, demands of its members a sheer automatic functioning, as though individual life had actually been submerged in the over-all life process of the species and the only active decision still required of the individual were to let go, so to speak, to abandon his individuality, the still individually sensed pain and trouble of living, and acquiesce in a dazed, ‘tranquillised’, functional type of behaviour.
– Hannah Arendt, The Human Condition

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Why I always carry a notebook

Pen and paper may seem a little quaint in this day and age. After all, if you’ve got an iPad or a Surface Pro or a smartphone, what need have you for a scrappy little exercise book? They’re not ‘tech chic’ and won’t connect to wikipedia or take photos. But the humble pen and notepad is the far greater accessory.

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