How to pack light for winter travel

Think winter: big coats and lots of layers.
Think travel clothes: the middle-aged American tourist look, bristling with pockets and bum-bags
Think adventure gear: functional, brightly coloured, large logos every which way
Think backpacking: an enormous hiking backpack on your back and another, smaller backpack slung across your front.

What if I told you it’s possible to achieve all the comfort and functionality of winter adventurous travel clothes without compromising on style, performance or volume? Well, that would require a serious rethink of travel. Thus, I present my guide to travelling light, even when the snow is thick, the sun scarce and the appetite for adventure insatiable.

Why travel light

First, though, why bother travelling light at all? International long-haul flights usually allow checked-baggage up to ~23kg plus carry on. Why not just take the conventional daypack and large bag/suitcase? Freedom. If you have only one carry-on sized bag, then you are free from baggage check in, the wait at the luggage carousel, the burden on your back while you walk to your accommodation. You are free from having to sort through loads of stuff each night and having to separate clean clothes from laundry. In short, you are free to experience the world in a far more intimate, raw way. Best yet, you don’t need to compromise on comfort, functionality or style. Here’s how.

Pack light, go far

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