Gear Review: Sorel Ankeny Hiker Boots

A few weeks ago I received my Sorel Ankeny Hiker Boots in the post from the USA. I wanted a do-all boot for winter backpacking trip to Europe, so I was looking for that elusive mix of durability, functionality and style. Bottom line: the Sorel Ankeny does well.

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Gear Review: Alchemy Equipment

As part of my quest for functional, stylish clothing to take with me while I backpack Europe in this Nov-Feb, I began researching “urban techwear”. Urban techwear is meant to combine the utility of adventure sport clothing from established companies like The North Face or Arc’teryx with street-smart looks that won’t be out of place in a museum, night club or office. You can read more about urban techwear and other options here. This review looks at one brand operating in this high-tech, high-function and high-style market: Alchemy Equipment.

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