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Hello and welcome to Modern Errantry, my blog in which you shall find my musings, gear reviews and tales of my dilettantism.

Best thoughts

Occasionally I have thoughts; of these I’m particularly proud.

Learning new skills
A discussion of learning new skills, such as painting, and what it takes to become a ‘competent man’.

Chivalry and virtue
An essay on the links between chivalry, Christianity and Hellenic virtue ethics.

Practical virtue ethics
A discourse on how the philosophy of virtue ethics can be applied in the real world.

The lesson of vanitas
An examination of the vanitas genre of paintings, Christian theology, Nihilism and the meaning of life.

The hermeneutics of suspicion
An explanation of the critical thinking style of Nietzsche, Marx and Freud and how you can improve your critical thinking.

Odysseus as an exemplar
An analysis of Homer’s Odysseus as being the exemplary virtue ethicist, and what we can learn from him.

Generosity: my experience of couchsurfing
A reflection on couchsurfing, human kindness and why crashing on a couch is better than a king bed.

Best products

Occasionally I review products; these are particularly good.

Osprey Porter 30L backpack

Sorel Ankeny hiking boots

Alchemy Equipment


Occasionally I paint things; for example, myself (a cheap model!).

Self portrait, 2018